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Inflatable Lifejacket ZHAQY(T)SD-I ,150N,ZHENHUA

310.00 د.إ + 5% VAT
Main technical parameters:  1)Freeboard:≥120mm; 2)Inflation tme:≤5s; 3)Float duration:≥24h; 4)Buoyancy loss after24h:≤5%, 5)Light intensity of position light: 0.75cd, light duration: 8h: 6)Ambient temperature for use: -30C…

Lifebuoy Self-Activating Smoke Signal

1,000.00 د.إ + 5% VAT
Product Model:QCY15 Characteristics: This product complies with relevant requirements of SOLAS 74/96, LSA Stipulation and it is MSC. 218(82)amendment and MSC. 81(70) lifesaving equipment standards.…

Line Throwing Appliance,Ningbo Zhenhua

1,275.00 د.إ + 5% VAT
The rope thrower is equipped with a life-saving device for use in an emergency situation. The warhead and the projectile rope of each rope thrower…


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