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Britannia P50P2 Powder Fire Extinguisher (2Kg)

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ABC 40 powder is a combination of Mono-ammonium
phosphate and ammonium sulphate.
On Class A fires the particles fuse and swell to form a barrier
which excludes oxygen and prevents re-ignition. On Class B
fires the powder interferes with the chemical reactions, thus
the flame ceases to exist.
The powder is nonconductive.
ABC 40 powder will extinguish Class A (carbonaceous) fires,
Class B (flammable liquid) fires and Class C (flammable gas) fires.

FEATURES                                                                                                                                                          •  Manufactured in Great Britain
• 10 year operational corrosion guarantee
• 10 year quality assurance on material defects and
• 20 year life cycle
• No service contract required
• Requires only one manufacturer overhaul at 10 years
• A yearly visual maintenance inspection, checking indicators
with the magnet
• Recyclable
• Super strength Aramid (Kevlar®) type material yarn
• Lightweight for ease of operation
• Kitemark, PED, MED and EN3 approved
• Manufacturer ensures safe disposal of contents when
• UV protection of the outer casing
• QA laser serial number on outer casing
• Operating valve – nickel plated brass
• World recognised patented design
• Main approvals and certifications as below

SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                                                                  Capacity 2kg powderP50P2M (Stored pressure type)
Operating Pressure @ 20°C 12bar
Test Pressure (PT) 22bar
Maximum Allowable Pressure (PS) 15.38bar
Minimum Burst Pressure 55bar
Cylinder Material HDPE with Aramid Winding (Kevlar®)
Operating Head Material Brass C3771 – Nickel Plated
Nozzle Nylon



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