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Line Throwing Appliance,Ningbo Zhenhua

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The rope thrower is equipped with a life-saving device for use in an emergency situation. The warhead and the projectile rope of each rope thrower form an integral component and are installed in a waterproof casing. A set of rockets, pilots and throwing devices in a container. It can only be used once, the windless launch distance is greater than 230M, the launch elevation angle is 45 degrees, and the launch skewness is about 10 degrees. The throwing breaking tension is greater than 2000N.

Must comply with the 1996 amendments to the 1974 SOLAS Convention, the International Life-Saving Equipment Regulation LSA requirements.

It can only be used after it has been qualified by the prescribed classification society before being equipped.

This product complies with relevant requirements of SoLaS 74/96 LSA stipulation and it is MSC.218(82)amendment and MSC. 81(70) lifesaving equipment standards. It is accredited by Ce certificate issued by
Germanischer Llyod AG, approved by China Classification Society(CCS) It is used for ships or peoples on off-shore platform to launch the line to the near or pass-by ships for the purpose of lifesaving under distress situation.



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